The Reseller Dynamics Private Label Website Reseller Program is the only program that gives you everything you need to start selling websites in an award-winning all-in-one package.

You focus only on getting customers and receiving larger checks every month. We take care of everything else for you.

We chose Website Dynamics for its features, professional design templates and easy to use website building software for our customers to create their websites.

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

You get everything a reseller needs to start a successful business.

Click Here to See an Example of a Live Reseller Template (5 to Choose From)

Essential Reseller Site Features

Fully Automated Billing

We take care of charging credit cards, do all the billing and send you a complete report of your sales and payouts every month. You can view everything online. You get a check in the mail once a month and a single easy accounting entry for your books.

Email Accounts Included

Up to 5 email addresses for your reseller website.

Customizable Site Designs

When you’re ready and if you want you can take full control of the design of the site yourself.

Customizable Copy and Pages

For more control, write or rewrite the copy yourself. Add new pages, edit existing pages and remove any pages you want.

Subscription Reports

Get a list of subscribers, their website, email and other contact information.

Free Website Updates Included

Always have the latest and most up to date version of the website builder software for your clients. You don’t have to worry or think about upgrading the software. It happens automatically, several times a month, in the background.

Your First 5 Websites are Free

To help you start earning more right away, we won’t charge the $10 wholesale cost per site on your first 5 customer websites. This means if you charge $29.99 per site, you will collect 100% of the revenue for those sites (minus transaction fees).

Hosting Included

Hosting of your reseller website.

24/7 IT Monitoring and Support

Our full-time technical support staff monitors all server activity, plus your website builder is monitored by our system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That includes checking on your site status 60 times every hour. You do not need any experience on the technical side of the business to run your website builder business.

Customer Offers Manager

Choose from a list of resources to offer your customers and easily add your own resources. This is a great place to sell additional products and services for more profit.

Real-Time Sales Reports

Retrieve real-time sales reports of your earnings. Plus look back at any month/year since you started your subscription.

Report Exporter

Easily export any report for easy import into tools like Microsoft Excel.

Fast, on Time Payouts

We pride ourselves in sending out reseller checks on time each month. We send checks out at the beginning of each month so you can get paid right away.

Price Control Manager

Full control over the pricing you set for your clients.

Lead Capture Reports

Get a list of trial websites and their owners. Easily do personalized follow up calls if you want to go the extra mile to improve conversion rates. Our testing has shown that calling customers will double the amount of sales you get for a given number of visitors.

Personal Support Agent

A personal support agent is available to answer any questions you have about the reseller program and how it works to get you started.

Back Ups

All websites are backed up both on and off site to ensure that you and your customers are protected.

Website Builder Support Staff

A full support staff is available to answer any questions that your clients have about building a website.

Even More Reseller Features Back to top

Free Website

As a reseller, you get a 100% free website to build under your reseller site. This allows you to build a website from your customer’s perspective.

Free Reseller Domain Name

You get a free domain name for your website builder. We'll renew the domain name for you each year saving you money over time.

Professional Reseller Site Designs

Choose from five professionally designed reseller sites. Just take a second to choose one and start selling immediately.

Click to See a Live Reseller Template Example!

Your customers get everything they need to get their business online.

Shopping Cart

Sell Products

Every website includes a fully featured shopping cart that allows your customers to sell products and services online.

Inventory Management

Automatic inventory management can be enabled for all products.

Money Back Guarantee

Your clients get a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee which will help you make more sales. You do not pay any wholesale costs for any websites that have invoked the guarantee.


Integration with PayPal makes it easy to collect money online.

Product Variants (color, size, etc.)

Offer different colors, sizes and style and adjust the price accordingly.

Credit Card

For those with more sophisticated needs and for lower processing rates, users can charge money directly to customer credit cards.

Sell eBooks Online

A download option allows clients to sell eBooks online.

Sell Software Online

A download option allows clients to sell Software online.

Third Party Integrations Back to top

Google Sitemaps

Automatically generate a Google Sitemaps compatible page to make it easier for Google to find all the pages in your website.

Google AdSense

Use Google’s AdSense program to make money by posting ads.

Google Product Search

Integrate with Froogle, Google’s product search engine, to get your products listed to increase sales.

SEO Services

We've partnered up with Nightlite Media to provide you with some amazing SEO services. From SEO to Social Media, they can help your business improve its online presence.


Use PayPal to collect payments.

Use to collect payments.

Use to collect payments.

eCommerce Bonuses

Yahoo! Search Marketing Pay-per-Click Advertizing

$60 credit for Yahoo! Search Marketing

Bidvertiser Pay-per-Click Advertizing

$25 credit for Bidvertiser advertizing

Get Products to Sell from DOBA Wholesale Marketer Drop Shippers

33% off DOBA wholesale products with drop shipping

eBay Integration

Free Integration Search Engine Advertizing

$50 credit for Findology advertizing

ExactSeek Top 10 Submissions to 100+ Second Tier Search Engines

1 month free

Send Bulk Emails Using VerticalResponse

500 free credits with VerticalResponse bulk emails

Send Bulk Emails using ConstantContact

Free for 60 days ConstantContact bulk emails

QuickBanner Animated & Flash Banner Ad Creation

20% off QuickBanner animated and flash banner ad creation

HyperSubmit Bulk Search Engine Submission

30 days free for HyperSubmit bulk search engine submission

Millenium Bank Card

Get a merchant account from Millenium Bankcard and have the setup fees waived ($400+ value).

Support For Your Customers Back to top

On-page help provides guidance in context

Each web page type comes with visual help that’s displayed right on top of the editor – so your customers know instantly exactly what a specific area or field is for.

Hundreds of step-by-step online help guides

Each feature is paired up with one or more help documents that are available directly from the page your customers are working on.

Ask and track questions online

If your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they can always contact us directly online. When they submit a question, it saves in their account so they can access it at any time.

Billing Support

If your customers ever have questions about billing, we are aways there to help! They can call our billing number (located inside their website) or send us a support ticket.

Video tutorials for visual learners

Through our website university program, find help videos that walk you through everything you need to know to get your website up and running.