Start earning right away. Sign up and sell websites for a recurring income stream that can last forever.

For $49.99/month, you get everything you need to start selling websites with the Reseller Dynamics private label website program. Start selling within 24 hours!

See how much you can earn!

How you make money is incredibly simple.

  1. We charge a $49.99 monthly subscription fee to become a certified reseller.
  2. You decide what you charge your customers per month (charge between $17 and $50/month).
  3. We take a $10 wholesale cost per site/month. (This covers support, hosting, billing etc.)
  4. We send you out a check each month with the difference!
  5. Use the Profit Calculator to the right to see how much you can earn!

We don’t charge the wholesale cost for your first 5 sites you sell!

This means you keep 100% of the earnings for those first 5 sites (minus transaction fees).
This helps new resellers get ahead of the game and start earning big money right away!

To see a breakdown and your earning potential, try the profit calculator!

Here's what you get:

Award-Winning Website Builder

You have access to the same technology as the award winning CiyMax website builder that has been used to build over 650,000 websites. The company behind the builder has an A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited Business rating, has won the Ad Tech People’s Choice Award and has been mentioned in top newspapers and magazines.

A Reseller Site that Make Selling Websites Easy

Choose from three professionally made reseller site designs that have been optimized to make sales for you. Send people to your branded website builder site, and the customers can set up their own websites themselves. Your customers can try your website, learn about the website builder, sign up and pay for websites.

If you want to tailor your message, you can customize the website with your own design and with your own text. You can even hire your own designer or hire one of our designers to help you (starting at $499).

7 Day a Week Client Support

A full time support team is always ready to answer any questions that your clients have while using the website. This frees you up to focus on sales.

7 Day a Week Reseller Support

Our support team is ready to help you with questions about your reseller interface. Feel secure in knowing help is available whenever you need it.

Free Bonuses Back to top

Sign up now for this reseller program, and you will receive these bonuses
completely free of charge as part of your subscription.

Free Websites Included

These five free websites are worth from about $100 to $150 per month retail ($50 per month wholesale cost) themselves. We’ve added them as a free bonus with your membership so that it is easy for you to start making profits. Your business will be profitable with as little as 3 customers.

A Free Website of Your Own

In addition to 5 free websites that you can sell, you also get one free demo website for yourself so that you can learn how to use your new website builder.

Dedicated Reseller Manager

As a reseller you'll get a dedicated reseller relations manager to help you along the way. From Setup to tips on success, your free reseller relations manager is always there to help!

We’ve put 11 years of product development behind the CityMax website builder and we give you the exact same technology to build your business on. We know there is no better program out there.

However, if for any reason you feel that your website builder or the reseller program is not as you expect, just let us know within 30 days of signing up, and we will give you 100% of your money back.