The following are all real, unedited and unpaid testimonials from resellers that have developed a business around the Private Label Website Builder program.

A few years ago, my business partner and I had multiple reseller accounts with various website builders, but we weren't impressed. We kept running into technical glitches, bad service, and poorly run reseller programs. We weren't happy and neither were our customers. That's when we came across WebsiteDynamics.

Before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing our own technology and system, we decided to try one more reseller program. I'm so grateful we did! We've worked with WebsiteDynamics exclusively for the past two years, and our customers love the easy-to-use website builder, tech support, and customer service.

We really appreciate the personal touch we get from our WebsiteDynamics reseller manager and we really feel like he cares about our success. Our partnership with WebsiteDynamics is the most essential and profitable relationship we have. We couldn't be happier!

Kimberly McKinnon

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

I'm amazed at how easy and profitable it is to start your very own website building company with Website Dynamics!

We chose Website Dynamics for its features, professional design templates and easy to use website building software for our customers to create their websites.

They provide great support when needed and get your business set up fast and running nicely! They provide Complete hands free for billing, support to your customers and website builder all in one place!

I also just wanted to mention that I am satisfied with how my business is going and is making a nice income every month and it has basically become a full business without any trouble!

Andre Stevenson

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

When I first came across Website Dynamics four years [ago] I knew next to nothing about how to build a professional-looking website. As a baby boomer, you could say I'm the least likely type to embrace technology, but WebsiteDynamics is so easy to use that that's exactly what happened!

Today, I use WebsiteDynamics to build sites that I sell to clients and maintain for them (and I make a lot of money doing so). In my mind, choosing to become a Website Dynamics Reseller really is a 'no-brainer' decision.

David Harrington

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

J. McMahon

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

The Website Dynamics Reseller Program has been excellent from start to finish! One of the most important features of this program is that I now own a website development company and I don’t even know anything about coding a website. This is a testament for how simple it is to use the system.

I simply focus on developing business relationships with people and selling them services they need. The Website Dynamics team supports me throughout and I simply collect a cheque at the end of each month.

I love the fact that I make residual money each month, especially when I’m lying on a beach somewhere… and my accountant loves the fact that they only have to make one journal entry into the books which makes everyone’s life easier.

Joining the Website Dynamics Reseller program has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made!

Sandra Kelting

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

After trying several different reseller programs I chose WebsiteDynamics for its ease of use and many built in extras.

I love that WebsiteDynamics keeps adding new features at no extra cost to the client, thus helping to keep the program on the cutting edge of website builders out there today. Plus they take care of all of my customer support and billing for me and send me my payout at the end of the month! It's simple.

Brett M.

a Reseller Dynamics reseller

Being a Reseller for Website Dynamics has turned out to be one of the best choices in life that I have made. I had researched many reseller programs before choosing Website Dynamics.

I wanted my own Private Label and identification without actually having my own server and hassle of keeping up will all the new development skills needed to stay ahead of the curve.

The fact that the Billing for the hosting is all taken care of for me and that I receive a monthly check for my portion of the hosting is so great. I started out with a goal of making $2,000 a month from the hosting. I have reached that goal and now have set a new goal of $4,000 a month. I’m on my way!