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Q. Where can I find the Terms of Service?

WebsiteDynamics Technology License Agreement (html version)
WebsiteDynamics Technology License Agreement (pdf version)

Q. Can I see other resellers' websites?

We do not allow you to see other resellers' website because we protect the privacy of all our resellers. As you will be a competitor to other reseller sites, it is not in each resellers best interest to let their competition see how they are marketing their site.

However, you can go to a sample reseller site we set up at www.DynamicDemo10.com. You can sign up for a free trial to see how the features work.

Reseller Domain Setup Back to top

Q. How do I get a domain name for my reseller site?

We take care of this for you including renewals and domain fees. Simply log into resellerdynamics.com and then click on "Domain Name/Pricing" from the index. You can then pick a domain there.

Q. Why do I have to give ownership of my reseller domain to you? Can I get it back?

The domain ownership is simply a case of liability. It only goes under our name because we are taking responsibility for the uptime of your site as well as handling all your support questions and legal inquiries (if anyone has a complaint against the site). If you accidentally forget to renew your domain, effectively all your customers' sites will be down. As well, some web savvy customers may do a check on your domain registration details and contact you with questions that we normally handle for you. As an added bonus, we also pay for the domain fees so you save money.

If you do wish to have your domain back, we will return it to you once all contractual provisions are complete and the last customer leaves the domain (i.e. cancels their site). This is outlined in the reseller licensing agreement.

Q. How do I use a domain I already own with my reseller site?

Please contact our support team and request the domain name be set up with your reseller site. We will need your host ID number to complete this process.

IMPORTANT: The domain ownership must go under our name as we are taking responsibility for the uptime of your site as well as handling all your support questions and legal inquiries (if anyone has a complaint against the site).

Q. Can the domain for my reseller site be in any format like .co.uk?

Sorry, the domain must be in .com, .net, .biz or .org format.

Q. Can I have my reseller domain's contact info hidden?

Once you have at least 10 customers, please contact us to change it for you. Just a reminder that some web savvy people may do a domain registration look up and find your contact information. As a result, you may get some inquiries that normally our support team would handle on your behalf.

Reseller Payouts (what ResellerDynamics pays you)

Q. What are the subscription fees? What commissions do I get?

Please go to Fees and Payouts.

Q. One of my regular customers is listed in my "Client" list but I don't see their last commission on my payout page.

This can happen if your client is late with their payment. When a credit card isn't accepted for any reason, we always give a 2 week grace period. The customer site is kept on paid status and notices are sent to your client letting them know what happened and how to fix it. If there are particular clients you're concerned about, please contact the Support Team and let them know the web address of the site.

Note that we get paid our commission only if you are also paid. If your customer defaults on payment, we do not take $10 from you.

Q. When do I get my commissions?

Payouts are typically mailed out in the first week of the next month. If your payout is later than normal, note that the terms of service indicate we are required to send them within 45 days of the end of the month. If it has been longer than this, verify your contact details are correct by logging into ResellerDynamics.com and click on the support button.

Q. If I refer a new reseller to your reseller program, do I get a commission?

Yes, we will give you a one time $50 payout for each new reseller you refer. To have a referral accepted, you must send a notification to us by logging into resellerdynamics.com and clicking on the "Help/Support" link to reach our support team. The email must indicate that you have confirmed with the potential reseller that they are interested in being a reseller.

Reseller Website Setup Back to top

Q. How do I get my home page set up?

To get your homepage set up we have 3 options for creating your home page:

  1. For FREE, you can choose one of 4 predesigned templates. An example of one of the free templates can be found here: www.DynamicDemo7.com.
  2. For $499, our design team will create a logo, banner and homepage based on your preferences for the look you would like. It typically takes 2-4 weeks for your homepage to be ready depending on the number of design requests in the design department. Please note that only imagery and layout will be modified, not website copy. For information on copywriting services, please feel free to contact us.
  3. You can create your own homepage using HTML and the reseller design section. Our design team can assist you with questions on designing your own website.

Q. Do I need a merchant account to process my customers' payments?

No. All your customers' fees are charged to our merchant account and then we in turn pay you by check. This saves you from having to get an account and allows us to manage all your billing for you.

Note that your customers' credit card caption will show: "WEBSITEDYNAMICS 866-903-3663."

Q. How do I edit what pages show with my home page on my reseller site?

You have 2 options for the pages that display on your reseller site:

  1. Automatic Page Selection – displays most popular configuration. Go to www.DynamicDemo10.com to view the pages.
  2. Custom Page Selection – ability to display any of our pre-made pages (as in option 1 above) and/or create custom pages. Note that the "Home" and "Support" tabs are set and cannot be removed but you can add as many other pages as you want to the index using HTML.

TIP: To improve your search engine ranking, it's highly recommended eventually having all custom pages otherwise you may have duplicate content to another reseller site. You can always start with the pre-made pages so you can quickly start marketing your site. Then, over time, create custom pages that you use to replace the pre-made pages. While creating pages, you have the option to have them show or not show on your site. This allows you to only release a page to the public after it's complete.

Q. Can I offer my own design services?

Yes, you are welcome to turn off our $499 design service and offer your own design program. To help market your design service, you advertise it on your reseller site as well as on the backend of your customer sites in their “Reseller Revenue Programs” section. All of this can be set up on the reseller manager (this is a site you log into where you have access to edit your reseller site and set up reseller options). Note that collecting payments for your design service will be up to you or you can simply add a setup fee to all sign ups to account for your design service.

Your Website Builder's Billing & Pricing Back to top

Q. What fees can I charge my customers?

From Reseller Licensing Agreement:

  • Fees must be $17 to $50 US per customer per month unless you have special approval.
  • Setup fees may be any amount.

TIP: Generally, we found through market testing that it's best to not charge a setup fee unless you have a prior relationship with your customers (e.g. you're all part of the same club, your customers already buy other items from you regularly). Most resellers charge between $20 and $30 per month on average.

Q. What are typical hosting fees?

Most of the website builders price their monthly fees between $20 and $30 a month. It really all depends on how you market your site and sell the features. Very few charge a setup fee. From our own research, we found that a setup fee seems to work best if you already have a prior relationship with your customers (e.g. you're all part of the same organization, you personally know your clients).

Q. What is the refund policy for my customers?

All your customers get a 30 day money back guarantee; that is, if they cancel within 30 days of converting their site to paid, we will automatically give them a full refund. Our support team will ensure the refunds are done on your behalf. On your Sales Report that summarizes your commission, you'll see a section that shows you which of your clients were refunded.

Note that our support staff can at their discretion offer refunds outside of the 30 day period, although we generally do not processextra refunds for your customers so you don't lose the commission. Some special exceptions might be if the customer had health issues and couldn't cancel their site before it renewed.

Q. In what currencies can I charge my customers' web hosting fees?

All hosting fees are in US dollars. However, note that your customers can set up their shopping cart to charge in other currencies including USD, CAD, AUD, Euros and GBP.

Q. Can I charge a setup fee?

Yes. However, we found through market testing that it's best to not charge a setup fee unless you have a prior relationship with your customers (e.g. you're all part of the same club, your customers already buy other items from you regularly). There is no limit to how high a setup fee you can charge.

Q. Can I change the prices offered to my customers?

Yes, IF:

No, IF:

Q. Does the credit card caption show my web builder?

Because resellers use our merchant account and we are only allowed to have one caption, the caption says:

“WEBSITEDYNAMICS 866-903-3663”

Note that your reseller site is required to have the WebsiteDynamics name somewhere on your web builder homepage. Additionally, when customers pay for their site, a note in red indicates that the caption will show WebsiteDynamics. Since the www.WebsiteDynamics.com site only indicates it's a website builder technology and doesn't show all the sites it is set up with, the caption hasn't been a problem.

Your Customers' Website Back to top

Q. Do my customers get a free trial on my website builder?

Yes, all your customers get a 10 day free trial with their website. We previously tested many different trial periods and found this had the best results. It is with your best interests in mind that this is set for you. All our marketing copy and references to the trial period are always written as 10 days.

Note that your customers are welcome to request extra time if needed to our support team and we will add time at our discretion. As well, you as the reseller, can contact our support team to extend the trial of a client.

Q. What are my customers' template design options?

Your web builder will offer professional pre-designed templates. Your customers can opt to edit them using the template builder. The builder allows images to be uploaded, colors changed, borders added/removed and more! All of these changes require no programming, just a few clicks of the mouse.

As a reseller, you also get the option to offer WebsiteDynamics' custom web design service. For $499, your customers get:

  • a custom template design
  • up to 5 pages professionally formatted
  • up to 5 products posted

As a reseller, you also get a commssion of $100 for every design package bought by one of your customers. This only applies to customers who have signed up later than Aug. 1, 2007.

Q. Are any stock photos provided to my customers?

Yes, hundreds of stock photos are provided per an agreement we made with a stock photography company. Note that the images are only allowed to be used on your customers' websites and not on other material like letterhead or business cards. Some images are also incorporated into the professional pre-made template designs and in custom template design work.

Q. What kind of support do my customers' get?

Your customers get online support 7 days a week. Questions submitted by 5 pm Pacific Time are responded to the same day.

Phone support is also provided for billing questions.

Q. For my customers' shopping cart, what currencies can they charge in?

The integrated shopping cart that comes with your customers' sites can include the following currency options:

  • USD (Authorize.net for US residents, PSIGate.com for Canadian residents)
  • CAD (PSIGate.com)
  • AUD (SecurePay.com.au)
  • GBP (WorldPay)
  • Euros (WorldPay)

Additionally, we offer PayPal (Standard and Website Payments Pro) and any currencies that PayPal supports. And, we offer Manual Processing whereby a customer with their own credit card terminal can simply type in the transaction amount.

When you become a reseller, we will automatically turn on the option that applies to your geographic location (e.g. if you're in the US, your credit card option will default to Authorize.net), Manual Processing and PayPal.

We find that if you offer all currency options from the get go, your customers are overwhelmed. It's best to default to only the options which most of your customers need. If you get the occasional person from another currency, they can contact our support team to turn on any of the currency options just for their website.

Q. What is your uptime?

We have a 99% uptime guarantee.

Q. Can I try out the web builder software my customers will get?

Yes. We have set up a sample reseller site at www.DynamicDemo10.com where you can sign up for a free 10-day trial.

Q. If my customers need more pages, email accounts, image space or products space, can they upgrade?

Yes. Here are the upgrade options:

Upgrade Extra cost per month
100 more images $1.00
50 product spaces $1.00
50 pages $1.00
1 email account $1.00
10 MB of file space
(for the Multimedia page)

At anytime, your customers can add upgrades. If your customer is paying monthly, they get the upgrade immediately and then the extra fee is added to their next bill. If your customer is 1.5 months into a 6 month pay period, then we round up the amount of time used to 2 months and only charge for the 4 months left.

Note that upgrade fees go to WebsiteDynamics to cover the cost of the server space, mail management, etc.

Q. Can I offer domain names to my customers?

You get 3 domain options:

  1. Your customers can buy a domain elsewhere or use a domain they already own and set it up with their site.
  2. Your customers can buy the domain from your web builder for $11.99 per year. As a reseller, you get a $1.99 commission. The domains are bought in bulk from Enom.
  3. You can offer to give domains free with your site website builder. This would be at a cost to you of $10 per year per domain.

    You are welcome to choose option 1 and then become an affiliate of a domain registrar. You can then sell the domains to your customers and earn commissions.

    If your customer leaves your website builder and wants to keep the domain they got through you, our support team will release the domain to them for free. Your customer simply has to set up a free Enom account at www.enomcentral.com and contact our support team with their Enom account name and domain.

    Q. Can my customers set up any domain format like .co.uk for their site?

    Yes, any domain format will work including .com, .biz, .net, .org, .co.uk, .ca and .com.au.

    Q. During my customers' free trial period, are there any limitations?

    Here are the differences between a trial and paid version of a customer website:

    1. Customers do not get access to their 5 email accounts until after their site is converted to paid.
    2. During the trial, customers can upload up to 20 images and after their site is converted to paid they can upload 500 images.
    3. Customers cannot set up a domain (e.g. mydomain.com) with their site until after their site is converted to paid (they only have their www.customersitename.yourwebuildername.com address)
    4. Customers can access up to 1 mb of space on their multimedia layout page during the trial and then 50 mb after their site is converted to paid.
    5. Only after your customer pays for their site can they turn on their shopping cart so the cart buttons appear.

    Everything else on the trial site is the same as when your customer converts their site to paid.